Get Started with Apple Pay™

To add your LorMet credit or debit card to your mobile wallet on an Apple® device, first make sure your iPhone®, iPad® or Apple Watch® supports Apple Pay™ HERE.


    Open the Wallet® app HERE, swipe down, and tap the plus sign in the top right corner of your screen.


    Press ‘Continue’ and select your card type.


    Use your device’s camera to take a picture of your card for automatic data entry, or simply enter your card information manually.


If your LorMet card is already saved in iTunes ®, simply key in your Security Code (the CVV code from the back of your card).


You’re all set! Now, let’s learn how to make a contactless payment with Apple Pay™.


How to use Apple Pay™ in participating stores and restaurants:


   Look for the Pay Wave® or Apple Pay™ symbol at checkout and hold your phone near the contactless reader.


   Place your finger on the Touch ID®, use Face ID®, or enter your passcode. You may be prompted to sign a receipt.


   Keep your phone by the reader until it vibrates and/or beeps, indicating your payment was accepted.


All done!

If you need further assistance setting up Apple Pay™ with your LorMet debit or credit card, please watch the instructional video below or call our Member Service Department at (440) 960-6600 during normal business hours.


Where to use Apple Pay™

View the ever-growing list of retailers who accept Apple Pay™ as a method of payment HERE.


Using Apple Pay™ keeps your account information more secure.

How? Apple Pay™ never shares your card number with the place of purchase. Apple Pay™ and other mobile wallet apps use a process called tokenization, which only shares a unique virtual code to complete your transaction. Learn more about tokenization HERE.