Mobile Check Deposit Scams

A fast growing scam involves a person calling, emailing, or messaging via social media and offering to deposit a check to your account using mobile check deposit. They claim to represent some company and want to give you money.

You are asked to provide your mobile banking username and password. The person says they will log in and deposit a check to your account using mobile check deposit. Usually they ask that you send a portion of the deposit back to them or to another “company.” The deposited check is a fake and you will lose money.

NO LEGITIMATE BUSINESS would ask for this information or offer to use mobile check deposit to put money in your account. With your online/mobile banking login information, the scammer has access to your account, including bill pay, statements, cleared check images (with your routing and account numbers), and mobile check deposit. The scammer could empty your account before you know what happened.

NEVER share your online/mobile banking username and password with any third party.