Mobile Security Tips

You keep a lot of personal and private information on your smartphone or tablet. It is important to protect your mobile device.

mobile security tips | LorMet Credit Union

Passcode or Screen Lock

If you haven’t already done so, enable your device’s screen lock feature. This will require you to enter a passcode or swipe pattern to access your device. Some devices even allow you to scan your fingerprint to unlock it. By locking your device when not in use, you can be sure other people cannot access your device and its information without your consent.

Device Locators

Services like Find My iPhone® and Find My Device for Android devices allow you to try to find your lost device by viewing it on a map or playing a sound on it. They also let you remotely erase your device to prevent someone from getting your information.

Software Updates

Your device manufacturer may release software and operating system updates. These typically include important security updates to fix vulnerabilities that may exist. It is recommended that you keep your device updated.

The LorMet mobile app is also updated from time to time. These updates may improve the app’s stability, add new features, or fix bugs. For the best mobile banking experience, you should always use the latest version of the LorMet app.


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