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LorMet’s 86th Annual Membership Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting will take place virtually due to COVID-19. Members can join the meeting with live video or by phone. Please register using the link below. Once registered, your confirmation email will provide detailed instructions for attending the meeting with Zoom.

LorMet’s 86th Annual Membership Meeting VIRTUAL
Register Here

No email? Just give us a call at (440) 960-6600 during normal business hours for instructions to call into the live meeting via telephone.

Virtual Annual Meeting FAQ

How do I participate in the Annual Meeting?
To guarantee clarity in providing our financial reports, attendees will be muted throughout the duration of the meeting. Questions pertaining to the annual business reports will be answered at the end of the meeting. Please submit these questions to AnnualMeeting@LorMet.com at any time during the meeting, or by mailing them to our Amherst branch. Our team may edit your questions for clarity before sharing and answering them live. Operational and non-specific report questions will be answered within the 3 business days.

Do I need to register to attend the Annual Meeting?
Yes, please register for detailed instructions on how to attend the meeting with live video or by phone.

Do I need to use Zoom to join the meeting?
No, you can also call in with your phone and listen to the Annual Meeting live without video. Simply call the number provided in your confirmation email and enter the Webinar ID.

New to Zoom?
Test your connection before the meeting by visiting zoom.us/test. Still having issues? Contact Zoom support at support.zoom.us or listen in by phone.

More Questions?
For additional help, please email us at AnnualMeeting@LorMet.com.
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Last Updated: January 10, 2022