Changes to Online Loan Payments

Effective July 16, 2019, recurring online loan payments using ProPay will no longer be processed.


Payment Options:

  • No Fee Recurring Payments – Continue your recurring payments using your checking account at another financial institution by completing and returning the enclosed Direct Payment authorization form.
  • No Fee One-Time Payment Using Portal Pay – Make free one-time online payments using your checking account at another financial institution.
  • One-time Payment by Debit Card Using Portal Pay – Use your debit card to make your payment online with a fee of $4.95.


If you have questions about these changes or your loan, please call us at (440) 960-6600.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

When will my payment post to the loan?

Online payments in Portal Pay will post to your loan on the next business day if you make the payment before 6:00 p.m. on a normal business day.

What is the account number for my loan?

Your loan account number combines your member number and the loan number. These numbers are found on your account statement.

For example, if member number were 8675309 and you wanted to pay loan #2, your account number for that loan would be 8675309-002. It is important that you use both the dash and zeros to make the loan number into three digits when adding it to your member number.

How do I set up automatic recurring payments?

Portal Pay allows you to make a one-time loan payment online. To set up automatic recurring loan payments, please complete the Direct Payment authorization form and return it to any LorMet branch.

Why is there a fee to use my debit card?

Payments made using your checking account number and bank routing number are free. Because of the higher processing costs associated with accepting debit card payments, there is a fee of $4.95 when paying with your card.

Can I make my payment using a credit card?

No. Credit cards are not accepted for loan payments in Portal Pay.