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Additional Services at LorMet Credit Union

Order custom checkbooks, or dial our audio response teller for 24-hour service

Other Services

Order Checks

Purchase personalized checks for your LorMet Checking Account!
  • Browse hundreds of unique and creative check designs on OrderMyChecks.com®
  • Order or re-order personal checks
  • Look up the status of your order
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24-Hour Telephone Audio Response Teller

Can’t access Online Banking or the LorMet Mobile App? Contact our free 24-hour Audio Response Teller System to check account balances, transfer funds between accounts, and much more.

  • To access the Audio Response Teller system, call (440) 960-6688.
  • For account security purposes, you will need to provide your member number and social security number to access your account information.

Quick combinations:

  • Access your checking account balance: Press 02 followed by 01;
  • Access your savings account balance: Press 02 followed by 02
  • Access transaction history for ACH deposits: Press 04 followed by 05
  • At any time, press ## to return to the main menu or hang up to end your call.
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Not a LorMet Member?

Join LorMet today and experience the Credit Union difference.
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Checking Account Resources

Get confident in your banking knowledge by reading our guides!
John Zemanek

It was much easier with LorMet to establish a relationship. Go see Irene, she’ll take care of you.

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Tim Alcorn, Radio Voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers Radio Voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers

When I walk into a LorMet branch, there’s a sense that you’re part of the family.

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Clarice Gray

“Prompt, courteous, professional. When I come into LorMet, I’m always holding a conversation!”

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Kim Johnson

“At LorMet, we feel like we are a part of the family. It’s more personalized and friendly!”

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Niya Knox

“They gave me the best info about how my money was going to work for me”

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