CardValet – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The CardValet® app allows you to easily manage your LorMet debit card


Which LorMet cards can be used with CardValet?

Only the LorMet Debit Mastercard® can be managed with the CardValet app. Gift/travel/reloadable cards, Visa® credit cards, and ATM-only cards cannot be used with CardValet.

What happens if my debit card is lost/stolen?

Contact us right away if your debit card is lost or stolen. After you receive a replacement card, you must add this new card to your CardValet account via Menu > Manage Portfolio > Add Card. The old card cannot be removed, but you can unmanage the card via Manage Portfolio.

I can’t remember my password for CardValet. What do I do?

On the login page of the CardValet app, tap Forgot Password? below the Login button. Enter your CardValet username and click OK. You will be emailed one-time security token. This token is only good for 15 minutes. Enter your username, this token, and then create a new password.

Does CardValet replace the LorMet mobile banking app?

CardValet allows you to manage your debit card only. It does not provide transfers, bill pay, mobile deposit, or complete transaction history for your accounts. The LorMet mobile app should continue to be your on-the-go connection to your LorMet accounts and loans.


My SSN isn’t being accepted during registration. What do I do?

Our system requires that you enter the last 4-digit of the Social Security Number of the primary LorMet account holder. If you are registering your debit card as a joint member on the account, you must use the primary member’s information during registration.

Can I register more than one debit card?

Yes, as long as you have all of the required card information. If you have a debit card on more than one LorMet account, you can add each card to your single CardValet account.


I set a $50 spending limit, but my card is being declined at the gas station. Why?

Some gas stations preauthorize your card for an amount that may be larger than the actual transaction amount. If you remove your spending limit, your purchase should authorize normally. You may restore your spending limit after this purchase.

What happens if I try to make a purchase online?

Location-based controls impact card-present transactions. Your online purchases will not be limited by your location or region controls.

Will my automatic recurring payment (e.g. subscription, membership fee) stop?

No. Previously authorized recurring payments will continue to occur normally. To stop a recurring payment, contact that company or merchant.

What is the range of My Location?

My Location controls check to make sure the merchant location is within 5-mile radius of the device set as primary within CardValet.


Why didn’t I get an alert when my balance fell below my limit?

CardValet only updates your account balances when you log into the CardValet app or when you tap refresh while using the app. If the balance has fallen below the threshold you have set, the alert is only triggered when you are using the CardValet app.

Can I receive CardValet alerts via text message or email?

No. CardValet alerts are sent via push notification to the app on your phone. These alerts also display under Messages in the CardValet app.

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