Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What information is needed to set up Direct Deposit to my account?

Typically, you will provide LorMet’s routing number, your account number, whether the depository account is a checking or savings account, and the institution’s name and address.

If you provide your checking account number, be sure to mark the depository account as a checking account. If you provide your savings account number, be sure to mark the depository account as a savings account.

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What is my account number?

Your Primary Savings account number is the same as your member number.

Your checking account number is a 9-digit number listed on the MICR line of your check.

Your money market account number is a 9-digit number provided during account opening or listed on the MICR line of your check, if ordered.


SAMPLE: DO NOT use the above account number or check number.

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What is LorMet’s Routing Number?


Also known as a “routing and transit” or “ABA” number, this routing number is the same for all of your LorMet accounts. If you have a checking account, this routing number is also listed on the MICR line of the check and is the first 9 digits listed.


SAMPLE: DO NOT use the above number.

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When is my payment due?

To find your due date, log in to Online Banking and click on your loan under My Accounts. The next payment due date appears above the displayed payment history. You may also click the Account Details button for more information about your loan.

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Where do I send my payment?

Please mail your loan payments to:

LorMet Community Federal Credit Union
2051 Cooper Foster Park Rd
Amherst, OH 44001-1208

Please write your loan account number on the memo line of your check to ensure proper posting.

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Why is there a fee to make an online payment?

Our payment processor PortalPay charges a convenience fee for using the online loan payment service to make a payment using a debit card. LorMet does not earn revenue from this fee.

LorMet provides a number of payment options, many of which are available at no cost. For example, Direct Payment provides automatic monthly payment from your account at any bank. Please visit for more information about this and other payment options.

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I can’t remember my PIN for my debit/ATM card. What do I do?

To create a new PIN for your LorMet Debit Mastercard or ATM card, please call 1-800-992-3808 and simply follow the prompts. There is a fee of $3.50 to reissue a PIN.

PIN Security Tips:

  • Create a PIN that is unique, but not easily guessed (avoid birth dates, etc.)
  • Keep your PIN secret; do not share your PIN with others
  • Do not store your PIN and card together in your wallet or purse
  • NEVER write your PIN on your card

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My card expires this month. When will I get another card?

Your card is valid until the end of the month. You should expect to receive your replacement card with an updated expiration date around the middle of the month.

If you have recently moved, make sure you have updated your address on file. Cards and statements do no forward and will be returned to the credit union.

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Why can’t I use my LorMet Debit Mastercard, ATM Card, or Visa Credit Card in certain countries?

Due to security concerns and for the protection of our members, a number of countries have been blocked for Mastercard debit card, ATM card, and Visa credit card transactions.

If you plan to travel outside the U.S., LorMet Visa Travel Cards are an alternative for travelers. Contact a Member Service Representative at any of the branches regarding countries on the blocked list.

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How do I reset my security questions?

To reset your security questions and confidence word, please call us at (440) 960-6600.

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I forgot my password. What do I do?

You can easily reset your password using the “Forgot Your Password” link or using the reset tool (new window/tab). During this process, you will receive a temporary password to your email address on file.

If you still need help getting a new password, please call us at (440) 960-6600.

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Why won’t my financial management website/app connect?

LorMet Online Banking does not support account access by third-party financial management websites/apps, like Mint and Quicken.

You may export and download your transaction history from Online Banking as either a spreadsheet-compatible comma-separated values (CSV) file or as a Microsoft Money OFX file.

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Why was my check declined at a store?

We’re sorry to hear a merchant refused your personal check. Often stores use a third-party service (such as Certegy or TeleCheck) to evaluate whether to accept a check.

LorMet does not provide account or balance information to stores or these services. You may wish to contact that merchant or its service provider for more information about their refusal.

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Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.