Heroes Work Here

LorMet Staff

We knew from day one we could never deliver the quality of service you have come to expect working from the convenience of home or by limiting our hours. Entrusting your finances with us is a responsibility that we take serious.

As an essential business, we have been through many challenges in the last 84 years. We have learned that an organization’s core integrity and determination is best gauged in difficult times. Our team has met this pandemic’s challenges with your best interests first and foremost. We will continue to serve your financial needs with the same exemplary standards that have brought us to where we are today. To date, we haven’t missed or delayed a financial transaction by turning anyone away. We followed and continue to follow social distancing, CDC and health guidelines to protect staff members, our membership, and the community we serve.

We have been here at our branches, always available to meet with you personally and answer your telephone calls, with the goal of providing the level of service you’ve come to expect from us since 1936.

Banking shouldn’t be stressful.

Thanks for helping us keep our heroes safe and healthy!

Dan and Shavena

Pictured: Vice President Shavena Brown and President/CEO Daniel Cwalina