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Watch out for unsolicited text messages claiming to be from LorMet!

Here’s an example of a text scam designed to copy a legitimate fraud alert to LorMet cardholders.


  • This scam text doesn’t identify that it’s for a card or list the card number.
  • This text does not come from a verified fraud alert number. It’s 10 digits instead of 5.
  • If you reply Y, the scammer may state that your card has been blocked and ask for your personal information over call/text, potentially exposing you to fraud!


  • LorMet Credit Card fraud alerts ALWAYS come from 86975, a 5-digit number.
  • LorMet Debit Card fraud alerts ALWAYS come from 37268, a 5-digit number.
  • This text identifies a card number.
  • Legitimate fraud alerts always begin with “FreeMsg: LorMet Comm FCU Fraud Ctr”.

Never share your personal information! LorMet or any financial institution would never text or call you to confirm…

  • Card number
  • PIN number
  • CVV number
  • Birth date
  • Social security number

If you ever doubt the legitimacy of a text message don’t respond! Contact LorMet directly at (440) 960-6600 to verify that the text is legitimate.

Category: Security
Last Updated: March 22, 2023