Mobile Pay

Contactless Payment

Set up safe, speedy checkouts using only your mobile device. No unnecessary physical contact!


Make safe, contactless payments

Quickly complete in-store checkouts with only touching your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch by enrolling your LorMet card in your device’s mobile wallet.

Keep your data secure

Making payments from a mobile wallet protects your account information. The store or restaurant never receives your account number, protecting you from data breaches.


Speed made simple

Check out 10x faster than other in-person payment methods. Contactless payments let you breeze through the line when you’re on-the-go.

Easy enrollment

Enrolling in most mobile wallets is quick and easy. Simply snap a picture of your LorMet debit or credit card and enter a few more details.


Simplify your transactions today by setting up your mobile wallet.

Adding your LorMet card to your mobile wallet takes a minute or less. Select your provider from the list below for step-by-step instructions on adding your card.

Apple Pay™
Apple Pay

Google Pay™
Google Pay

Samsung Pay™
Samsung Pay


Using a mobile wallet to make contactless payments helps keep your personal data safe and secure.

Your name, card number, and security code are never shared when you pay at a store using your mobile wallet. This is made possible through a process called tokenization, which only requires a single-use code to complete payment. If the store were ever to be hacked, your card information remains secure because it has not been shared with them. Learn more about how tokenization works HERE.